Matt Shreiner

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Matt was born and raised in Tiffin, Ohio and escaped at the age of 18. He learned about painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also drank full pots of coffee while brooding with sketchbook in hand. After art school he explored and lived in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon and traveled to South America and Africa to learn about other cultures and musical customs. All of these adventures have inspired thier own bodies of artwork.

He set up a studio as a temporary headquarters between travels in an abandoned apartment above his dads office called The FlopHouse. Many new ideas have been hatched here and artistic experimentation is ongoing.

Besides painting, Matt enjoys building community, exploring abandoned buildings, dumpster diving, West African drumming, and cooking huge communal meals. He also enjoys riding bikes everywhere, D.I.Y. culture, and any activity that makes one rethink their daily routines.

He is becoming increasingly interested in street art and radical politics and hopes to have a place to call home someday where he can continue creating art until old and shriveled.

For commissions or information about this artwork please contact matt at