Matt Shreiner

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Artists in the 50s and 60s created flat abstract paintings that drew the viewers eye to the surface of the canvas. With that end in mind, these pieces were created with the use of sandpaper, scratching implements like nails, and found objects that were adhered to the canvas.

This artwork documents a cross country trip I was a part of when I was 20. We drove from Ohio to California and back in an old mint green cadillac and slept in deserts and on beaches. These paintings were originally color studies to someday be painted in a larger format.

During Herbalism school I have been taking long plant walks through the forest along the Russian River. This is a series of California Native flowering plants that I am particularly drawn to that I have seen on these walks.

I volunteered in the Redwood forests of Northern California one summer helping with Forest Defense. I had the opportunity to live in the canopy of an ancient Douglas Fir tree for 9 days and spent a weekend in a Redwood over 1,000 years old. It changed my life forever. These paintings capture my time in that sacred land.

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